A retrospective of our ENERGIE works. In times of climate change there are no outsiders. Invited by the of the Brakke Grond we presented our ecologie at beyond the black box festival, a festival for performers that work outside the black box. Images.


During several sevices we design a ritual. A ritueel that wastes as much natural resourses as possible. This in honour of our God of heat loss to free us from redundancy. Images.




An ode to warmth in all its forms, as well as a plea for the human being as an active link between cause and effect.  Images

foto: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

We took over Het Huis Utrecht for one day and created an multidisciplinary chain reaction through the house. In collaboration with: Rhian Morris & Sam Bachy, Zarah Bracht, Jan van den Berg, Ed Bahonie and Juul Dekker. Images

foto: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

On invitation of Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond and the Brainwash Festival, we made an installation in which we study the melting of ice.  Video

On invitation of Frascati Issues, De (on)vertelde stad, we did a research project about silence in the city of Amsterdam in collaboration with dienst Onderzoek, Informatie en Statistiek. Images

On invitation of the Over het IJ Festival in collaboration with Frascati Producties, we started to build a bridge across the river IJ. A bridge which has been discussed for 200 years, but never has been built. Images

We built an installation especially for the opening of the Noorderpark bridge. Video

For the MAANdagnacht at Oerol Festival 2017 (an evening for science and art about the moon) we combined a rocket launch with a tea ceremony. Images

For the memorial day for the second world war, we made a piece about epigenetics. We took the mothers of our mothers as starting point for our research. Images

We made the theatre performance WINDSTILLEVEN in collaboration with the Oerol Festival, for a vast dune landscape and a lot of wind. A landscape experience about time, retaining and release.  More info and images

The earth contains three natural reservoirs: oil, soil and ice. These reservoirs were build in the duration of millions and millions of years into a delicate balance. A balance which is severely disturbed through our economical activities since the Industrial Revolution. More info and images

The Walden Collective read collectively Walden by Henry David Thoreau in Het Huis Utrecht. We shared our findings with the audience and made an installation based on Thoreaus thought that everything in life depends on warmth in one way or the other. More info and images

We played an adaptation of WALD for festival De Tuinmus in the Tolhuistuin (Amsterdam), organised by de Mus: NOORDWALD. More info and images

We moved a grey poplar that had blown down in the summer storm, in a straight line from its place of growth to the lake. This performance was made site-specifically for the Verwonderd Duinat the Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland. More info and images

At the Oerol Festival 2015, we used the birch from WALD (Oerol 2014) as fuel during our concept development for Oerol 2016. The installation consists of a rolling hut that gradually eats through the burning tree, releasing energy as it goes. More info and images

A choreographed performance for an uprooted birch, a mime-artist and 12 pulleys, exploring the roots of man from a biological and philosophical perspective. In collaboration with Oerol and the Waddenacademie. More info and images

An artistically curated promenade performance exploring the border between nature and industry in a dilapidated brick factory on the border of The Netherlands and Belgium. This is where WALD began to be developed. A project of De Warande, Turnhout and De NWE Vorst, Tilburg in collaboration with Nick Steur. More info and images

A performance about tipping points in eco-systems and turning points in human thought. In collaboration with Oerol and the Waddenacademie. Also seen at the Kröller-Müller Museum. More info and images

An interactive installation that explores what it is like to be a bird. The basic principle is that birds live 10x faster than humans. Visitors to the 'vervogelhuis' hear birdsong slowed down by 10x and hear their own speech sped up 10x as they learn to sing like real birds. More info and images