The Walden Collective consists of:



- René van Bakel, actor and scenographer. René graduated in 2010 from the mime school in Amsterdam and has since performed in various shows across the Netherlands.

 - Seline Gosling, producer and business manager. Seline is a graduate of the Production course at the Theatre School of Amsterdam and is currently studying Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Besides her work at the Walden Collective, she is a freelance producer.

- Jente Hoogeveen, graphic designer and philosopher. Jente has been studying graphic design at Royal Arts Academy The Hague and did a interdisciplinary bachelor Liberal Arts & Sciences at Universiteit Utrecht and specialises in philosophy. She is now doing a master philosophy at Universiteit van Amsterdam and works freelance as a graphic designer.

- Thomas Lamers, dramaturg and philosopher. Thomas studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and followed this with post-graduate dramaturgical studies. Alongside the Walden Collective, he works as a freelance dramaturg for various companies and directors (Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Frascati, Ulrike Quade Company and Toneelschuur Haarlem).


- Thijs van Vuure, biologist and musician. Thijs studied biology with a specialism in science journalism and neurobiology. He completed an interdisciplinary Masters in Cognitive Science (philosophy, biology, psychology and artificial intelligence). Hij voltooide een interdisciplinaire master (filosofie, biologie, psychologie en kunstmatige intelligentie) cognitive science. He is a professional musician, a conceptual artist and also teaches biology.